Consumer Gets Credit Ding After Donating Motorhome

In July 2010, one of my clients put an ad on CraigsList offering to donate her motorhome to a charitable organization. She received a call from an organization that picks up vehicles, sells them, and sends the proceeds to a charity of the owner’s choice. While waiting for a representative to pick up the motorhome, the owner received a a Mr Bob Kaufman who said he was coming to get the motorhome. The owner said OK thinking he was with the group that works with charities. Turns out, Kaufman was acting on his own.

Investigating the matter, we found an article in the SF Chronicle on Kaufman written by C.W..Nevius. According to the article, Kaufman has as many as 11 vehicles scattered around the streets of the Bayview district of San Francisco and that he is often cited by the police for keeping unregistered cars. SF Superior Court records show the City has sued him and vice versa on these matters.

Kaufman evidently saw the CraigsList ad and intervened to take possession of the motorhome. He may have used it for living quarters until November 2010, when the police had it towed.

The first the my client knew there was a problem was in September 2011, when a debt collector, Lien Enforcement, Inc., San Jose, reported to Experian that she owed $8,900 for towing and storage..

After I was retained, I sent two letters to Lien Enforcement explaining my client did not owe for towing and storage and that Lien Enforcement was unfairly damaging her credit. Both letters were ignored. We filed a lawsuit for damages and other relief on January 25, 2012.


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