Social Security May Make it Easier for Kids to Get New Numbers if their Identity is Stolen has an informative a report on a proposed rule that could help kids replace stolen Social Security numbers. An incredible number of kids’ social security numbers have been stolen so the thieves can get employment, credit cards, or to collect tax refunds.

Thieves like to steal kids’ socials because usually no one checks their credit reports. A Carnegie Mellon University report estimated that 10% of children have had their socials used by someone else. This is a rate 51 times higher than adults!

Persons seeking to change their social security numbers have met great resistance from the Social Security Administration. Currently, anyone seeking new Social Security numbers must show they were “recently disadvantaged” by an unauthorized person using their identity.

But under the proposal, the agency would issue a new number when the old one was stolen from the mail, publicly disclosed in error by the Social Security Administration or misused by a third party with no need to prove actual harm. The new rule would prevent future harm when the number was stolen, which only makes sense.’s report advises parents to ask credit agencies for a “manual search” of their child’s Social Security number. This will flag any suspicious activity from people using your child’s SSN but with different names or dates of birth. Parents may also consider a credit freeze.


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