Experian Wrongly Says Brooklyn Doctor Owes $22M

Experian Wrongly Says Brooklyn Doctor Owes $22M

A Brooklyn doctor has sued Experian saying it mixed his credit files with fraudsters. Experian is reporting he owes $22 million on accounts that do not belong to him. The New York Post is reporting on the case. Experian says he has 47 mortgages, but they are from borrowers with different names and social security numbers.

Plaintiff is Dr. Joseph Cannavo. His credit files are linked to those of José Cannahui and Joseph Canty. Incredibly, Experian refused to correct the doctor’s credit report. Trans Union and Equifax are not reporting any of the bad debts, just Experian.

The complaint states that “despite being a 53-year-old physician and psychiatrist making a significant salary . . . Dr. Cannavo has never been able to own a home, buy a car on his own or even get a credit card with more than a thousand dollar credit limit.”

An Experian spokesman declined to comment, but then, what could they say?

Plaintiff’s attorney is Kevin Mallon, who formerly worked for me before moving back to his home town of NYC.


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