Using “Rapid Recheck” to Correct Inaccuracies in Credit Reports

Using “Rapid Recheck” to Correct Inaccuracies in Credit Reports

An inaccurate negative report on one’s credit report can slow down the process of getting a mortgage. The challenge is to get the credit bureaus to correct the report in a timely manner paving the way to obtaining a mortgage. CoreLogic Credco is a leading reseller of three-in-one or “trimerge” credit reports tailored for the mortgage industry. Credco has a service called Rapid Recheck that speeds up the bureau-level dispute process. Credco promises the process provides a faster way to update a borrower’s credit reports and get an updated FICO score. Credco’s website states it gets results in 3-5 days.

Mortgage brokers simply forward their clients’ documentation showing a report is inaccurate to Credco. Credco then “screens” the documentation and accepts or rejects it. If it accepts the documentation, Credico forwards it onto the credit bureaus with a request for a credit report update.

How well this process works compared to consumers submitting their own disputes is unknown. If a consumer initiates a dispute, the results from the bureaus may take 30-35 days.

Query, if Rapid Recheck works for some people, why won’t this accelerated process work for everyone?


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