Mark F Anderson

4104 24th Street
San Fransisco, CA 94114

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (415) 321-9655

Mark has practiced law in San Francisco for over 45 years. He was one of the first attorneys in California to represent consumers in lemon law cases. He has represented consumers in over 4,000 lemon law cases. While the vast majority of such cases are settled, he has obtained jury verdicts in a number of lemon law cases.

He also represents consumers Fair Credit Reporting Act cases in which the consumes were damaged by inaccurate credit reporting by banks and other creditors who report credit information to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. He has settled over 120 cases involving inaccurate credit reporting.

Mark represents consumers on a contingent fee basis meaning consumers do not have to pay his fees. Mark gets paid by the defendants as part of settlements or, in the case of a trial, by way of an award of fees. Consultations are free.

Very knowledgable, highly recommended

I was referred to Mark by a friend that Mark had helped previously. Upon my call Mark was quick to analyze my situation and let me know if I had a winning case. Mark made it very easy for me to reach him and get information to him that he needed. I’ve never worked with a lawyer before, nor have I ever needed the services of the court but Mark made this a simple and painless experience for me and quickly worked with both sides to resolve the case in a timely manner.


  • 4104 24th Street
    San Fransisco, CA 94114
  • (415) 321-9655