Credit Law Case Successes

Inaccuracy Cases

Mark Anderson has represented many consumers who had inaccuracies on their credit reports. Examples include reports of late payments when the consumer was not late and accounts reported that do not belong to the consumer.

Identity Theft Cases

When victims of identity theft are unable to get Experian, Equifax and Trans Union to correct their credit reports, they have the right to file suit for damages. Mark Anderson has represented many consumers who have had this unfortunate experience, with settlements satisfactory to clients.

Mortgage Related Cases

Mark Anderson has represented a number of consumers who entered into agreements with mortgage companies to reduce their monthly mortgage payments only to find the mortgage company reported to the credit reporting agencies that they were late in making their monthly payments. Mortgage companies often make other mistakes in reporting the status of mortgage accounts.

Short Sales

When a homeowner’s house is under water, mortgage companies will often agree to allow the house to be sold in a short sale. In California, persons who sold their homes in a short sale are protected by California’s anti-deficiency laws meaning the mortgage company cannot successfully sue the homeowner for the remaining balance. It follows that the mortgage company that participates in a short sale should report a zero balance on the account to the credit reporting agencies, but they often report the remaining balance is due and owing. Please contact us if you sold a home in a short sale and the mortgage company continues to report to the credit bureaus that you owe the balance.

Deed-in-Lieu Agreements

Similar to the situation with short sales, a mortgage company may agree to accept a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The mortgage company should report that the homeowner’s balance is zero after the transaction is completed.

Technically Accurate, but Misleading Credit Reports

I am able to represented consumers whose credit reports were technically accurate, but misleading. An example is a case in which the state tax authority filed tax liens on a consumer, who actually owed no taxes.

Mixed File Cases

We have represented consumers whose credit files were mixed or merged with another person who had bad credit. These situations are especially egregious causing the innocent consumers to be unable to get any credit at all.

Employment Background Checks

Employer background checks usually include a report from Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. The FCRA has special rules on employer background checks. Job applicants are sometimes unfairly denied a job when the employer obtains an inaccurate credit report as part of a background check. If you were denied a job because of an inaccurate background check, please call Mark Anderson for a consultation.

Outstanding Service, Results and Maximum Settlement

Mark handled my credit repair case in a very professional manner keeping me constantly informed during the process. I had an inaccurate record on my credit from a collection agency — Mark filed a lawsuit against the collection agency and credit companies and they quickly removed the incorrect record and paid damages. Dealing with collection agencies and credit companies can be scary but Mark made the process very easy.

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