Pre-Owned Vehicles

Certified pre-owned used car warranties and the California lemon law

If you purchased your used vehicle from a new car dealer as a “certified pre-owned” used vehicle, you have the benefit of the California lemon law. These factory sponsored “CPO” (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles come with a written warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Even if your vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s original new vehicle limited warranty, you still have California lemon law protection during the “certified pre-owned” warranty period.

All repairs must be performed by an authorized dealer for the brand of vehicle you have purchased to have the repairs done under factory warranty (and/or CPO warranty), making them legally applicable repair attempts under our California lemon law statute definition.

Mark helped with my auto rip off

Mark handled an auto dealership rip off. The dealership did work on the car before they sold it and ruined the engine. Mark took on the dealership and he was able to have them pay for the repairs of my engine which was almost as much as I paid for the car. I would recommend Mark to anyone who needs legal help


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